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Cristina's heart-driven leadership gave me confidence in myself that I had not expected to gain. I signed up for the Whole Woman program with the goal of connecting with myself and my relationship with food, and by the completion of the program I gained much more . Through Cristina's coaching my relationship with myself was transformed and my whole perception has shifted. The weekly calls and program content were just what I needed. This program is excellent for any woman at any stage of her life.

Stacy Hammel

Through her intuitive, compassionate, accountable coaching, I now have a transformed relationship with food preparation and emotional and binge eating. I now consider myself an intuitive eater that practices food freedom everyday. I credit Cristina for allowing me to see that no food is right/wrong or good/bad and that there is only food choices with potential impacts. I can confidently look in the mirror and be in love with what I see. Not because of the product but because I am treating my body kindly through intentional movement and sustainable relationship to food that is mindful and intuitive. YAY for food freedom!

Leah Singer

Cristina is a transformational human being whose superpower is to help others find their power. I've completed two mindfulness trainings and a 200-hr yoga teacher training with Cristina and my life looks completely different in the best way since knowing her. I am no longer afraid of speaking up to get what I want; I am a powerful yoga teacher and coach; I have embraced my whole, authentic self, and I love being around me! If you are not ready for big things, look elsewhere--Cristina's passion, honesty, wit, and love WILL move your life in ways you haven't even imagined yet.

Mor Regev

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