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Hi, I'm Cristina!

Holistic Wellness + Life Coach

Teacher + Mentor + Radical Content Creator

My work lies at the intersection of radical self care and personal leadership.  

My super power is listening and bringing forward the unspoken so you can get clear and create a path for what really matters to you.

I work with women to dismantle the rules they no longer want to live by and create the life of their dreams with an emphasis on wellness practices, values, boundaries, rituals and communication.

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I honestly hadn’t considered personal coaching until the Universe decided it was time to get this show on the road + kept nudging me toward Cristina via the interwebs. I'd been working a corporate job for a decade and felt plain stuck... unmotivated, uninspired, and willing to try something new to figure out how I should be living. I decided if people can invest in college education, fancy televisions with surround sound, who was I to not invest in myself? Cristina took me back to my roots, exploring and defining my core values. She gave me a bad ass tool kit of resources to reset my headspace, acknowledge + appreciate the current version of myself, and tap into my most Authentic way of being. Now, I’m running my own business, not looking back, and saying YES to what I value most. 1000% recommend.

Chelsea M.



Soul Values + Vision Work

What would it feel like if your top priority was enjoyment? Soul coaching guides you in identifying and defining your soul values and how to have them live through you in every facet of life. Whether you're an entrepreneur, student, parent, or all of the above, being equipped to live soulfully will change your life.



Structures & Integration

Wellness is encapsulating of all facets of life. Your belief patterns, your daily rituals, your relationship to food, your movement practices... the list goes on.
Leaning on my decade of experience and own healing journey, together we'll bring harmony to what matters most to you. I bring a balance of yin and yang, structure and flow, effort and ease. 
From rituals and boundaries to powerful communication, I have the tools to support you.



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