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The Whole Woman

I created The Whole Woman to offer women the space to design their life from possibility, choice, and power; to come home to themselves and feel whole and complete in all areas of their life. 
This program weaves together the most impactful principles of nutrition, yoga philosophy, and coaching.  I've curated the weekly themes around my own life experiences and lessons and provide the tools, knowledge, and coaching to move you into a new and empowered lens to live through.
Over the course of six weeks we will address everything from your home and finances, to your sex/intimacy and career. You will access life-altering and long-lasting tools to transform the way you relate to yourself, your relationships, your career, and your WHY. 

What's Included

+ A weekly 60-minute coaching session for 6 weeks.


+ A hand-crafted workbook designed in partnership with a local artist. You'll receive a printed copy & PDF backup.

+ A unique and customized essential oil blend by dōTERRA  to support emotional well-being.


+ Daily inspiration from shared resources, buddy check ins, accountability, and celebrations.

+ Weekly newsletter featuring a Whole30 recipe, yoga movements, and breath techniques.


+ Weekly OmWork to support you in transforming each area of life explored in the program. 

The Details

You choose your start date. We navigate together for 6 weeks.


Next Program Start Date:

April 27

Live Coaching Sessions

Scheduled Upon Registration



Before You Begin...
This program is big work. I will be asking you to complete things that likely make you feel uncomfortable. I do promise you this: you are ready to up-level and transform certain areas of your life, and these methods are proven to work.  
For the duration of the program, we will be eliminating alcohol and added sugar in all forms (yes, even the "healthy" ones).
Why? These are the stimulating foods we as a culture are most addicted to and which have the biggest impacts on our gut health, mental health, and energy. This is called the WHOLE woman for a reason, and we're addressing everything from the inside-out.
Remember, what you give is what you get. The bigger the breakdown, the bigger the breakthrough. And I'll be alongside you the whole way.
Who is this program for?
This program is intended for women of all ages who are willing to have candid conversations, be coachable, and go to work on transforming areas of their life. Although not required, it is helpful if you've done any personal development work (i.e. yoga, therapy, counseling, or other coaching courses).
What kind of nutrition principles are you including?
I am a Whole30 Certified Coach and we will be incorporating some principles such as food elimination, inquiry around emotional triggers, reactivity to foods, and energy levels. This is not a Whole30 program, as that deserves its own full attention! We will be using food as a lens to discover habitual patterns in your beliefs and behaviors and how they show up elsewhere in your life.
Do you offer payment plans?
Yes. You may pay in 2 or 3 installments. Full tuition is due prior to beginning the program. If you'd like to register through a payment plan, just let me know!
What about refunds?
I give my fullest self in the preparation and facilitation of this program. Unless an extenuating circumstance prevents me from leading this program, I do not offer refunds. 
Still have questions?
Email me: cristina@cristinahouston.com and I'll be sure to answer all of your questions.