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For as long as I can remember, my energy levels were at zero. And I went through life assuming it was normal and that there wasn't anything that would ever resolve it. After all, I was a "fit, healthy" twenty-something. Surely that's just the way life would be.

After years of exploring every option, doctor, and test in the book, I finally tried a Whole30. I failed my first one miserably. I was under-prepared and unwilling to do what it took. 

Fast forward to my fourth round in April of 2017. I removed eggs and alcohol from my life, for good, and felt better than I had in over two decades.

Whole30 is about so much more than the elimination and reintroduction to me. The spirit of the program is crucial, and I layer it with my experiences and life coaching to offer my clients an extraordinary approach to really observe what's not working in your life, starting with food. 

Ways to Work With Me

Email Coaching




You understand the essence and rules of an elimination protocol and could use a little extra nudge of support.

+ two weekly emails featuring a recipe, tools, and support for the different stages of your program

+ access to me via email

+ extra accountability

+ peace of mind knowing you have a go-to for questions and guidance

1:1 Coaching



Corporate Groups

Custom Pricing

This option is a great fit if you want to choose your own start date and/or want a higher level of accountability or support. 


COACHING - full guidance of prep week, the 30-day program, and a week of reintroduction. 

ACCOUNTABILITY -  supportive, educational, and loving communication. I share tips, recipes, successes, struggles, and more.

EDUCATION - a dense packet chock-full of grocery shopping lists, meal templates, how to prepare, my favorite recipes, a guide to eating out, and a reintroduction checklist.

EXPERIENCE - I have successfully completed 7 rounds of Whole30 and coached over 200 people through the program. I know this program inside-out and feel confident in coaching first-timers through experienced Whole30-ers. 

+ weekly 30-min call to celebrate your wins and powerfully plan your week

+ frequent check -ins from me for increased accountability

+ customized reintroduction

+ weekly recipe and kitchen inspo from my kitchen to yours

Want your team or staff to take on the Whole30 together and experience profound results? I create custom presentations to kickoff a program and guide your team through the whole process.

 Includes all of the benefits of group coaching PLUS...


+Pre-program kick off meeting at your company with full info on the program and how to set up for it in the workplace.

+ Presentation during the fourth week for reintroduction setup

+ Private online accountability group 

+ Giveaways 


Why should I hire a coach? Isn't Whole30 free?

Being a Whole30 Certified coach means that I've successfully completed numerous rounds of the Whole30 myself and passed all testing tracks - in a sense, I'm a Whole30 expert! I've had the pleasure of leading several groups and individuals through their Whole30 journey and into their Food Freedom.

You can absolutely embark on the Whole30 on your own using the countless resources online and in the books; and you might also prefer having additional guidance to ensure you're following the rules and guidelines, for recipes, meal planning, and reintroduction assistance. I personally failed my first go from being underprepared and could have absolutely used the guidance of a coach! 


Is having a coach valuable as a returning Whole30-er?

Absolutely. Working with a coach a Whole30 veteran is an opportunity to go that much deeper. Whether you're having a hard time getting through your 2nd or 3rd (or 8th!) round, or want stricter accountability for a proper reintroduction, I'd love to help!

Do you offer refunds?

NO. Unless there is an emergency on my part that does not allow me to fulfill on group or individual coaching, there are no refunds. 

How big are your groups?

Group sizes range from 5 - 25, depending on the offering. I have led to 1 and to 150, and an intimate group works best for my coaching style. 


Am I the right coach for YOU?

I am an entrepreneur running two businesses which require lots of travel and meetings outside the home. I understand the importance of fueling our bodies and minds to feel optimally so that our businesses can be a reflection of us. I've had lots of experience in using my time efficiently to make meals I love, how/when to choose eating out, and what to do with all that travel. I know this program and how to have you succeed. HOWEVER - I do not have any medical training or licensing, and it is up to you to speak with and work with your medical providers prior to taking on this program. 

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