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What would it feel like to be totally turned on by your life?

I see you. The woman who has built a life she really loves. You've got a job or business you love. You love your home. You love who you spend your time with. 


And yet - you habitually think "I'm not X enough." Or you want to scream "I don't have time for this!"

You're left feeling worried, anxious, and fearful which in turn has you over-promising, saying yes when you mean no and worst of all, abandoning yourself.


Your boss/partner/friend/child asks you for one more thing and you lose your shit. You know you don't have the capacity but you don't want to let them down.


Now imagine, you're able to feel ease, spaciousness, and choice. 


You know how to have your own back.


And when shit does hit the fan (because hello being human), you have the tools to pause, observe, and adapt as needed.


Your communication is FIRE. You say what you mean, confidently and without apology.


You have rewired your brain to cultivate the habits that support you, your nervous system, and your desires.


The Soulful Living Playground (The Playground, for short) is a space where you get to infuse your entire life with joy and delight, like a playground for your soul. Built for the successful woman who craves doing life differently and forging her own unique journey.

For those willing to question everything; dismantle what needs to go; and build from what you desire.

The Playground is rooted in play and curiosity; not ideal for those who want linear learning, measurable outcomes, goals, lists, etc.

In the absence of those things, what becomes possible is... everything.
What do you seek? 
What do you yearn for?

What would it feel like if you were able to fully trust yourself? To take a chance on you and know you've got your own back?

This isn't yo' mama's group program. 

It's THE container that's going to leave your jaw open, electrify you, infuse your life with pleasure, make you say "WTF just happened" over and over again, rewire your brain, and completely alter the paradigm in which you've been operating. 

It's time to get off the self-improvement hamster wheel and learn life-long tools that will actually improve the quality and experience of your life. 

Every style of coaching is on the table; from unconscious mind work to trance, boundaries and rituals to candid communication.

As a Certified Integrative Life Coach, I'll be facilitating:

  • coaching the unconscious mind

  • accessing psychedelic states through trance

  • research backed processes for changing habits and thoughts

  • re-coding responses to triggers

  • rapid relief from cravings, anxiety, procrastination, and phobias 

  • trauma-informed techniques to keep you thriving

  • embodiment practices

I'm a magician. I make change fun, playful, and EASY.

"Working with Cristina has brought the physical to the mental. The neurology to the physicality; she literally melds minds......She understands women, speaks “our” language, and will teach you a new one to help you to continue to grow, shine, and become your best self & to your self." 

The Curriculum


Capitalism has taught us to push, rush, bulldoze and step over. The first step in cultivating new habits and ways of being is to simply *see* what it is we’re currently doing and have been doing. We have to be willing to see ourselves… our WHOLE selves. So we can see what needs to go and what needs to grow. 

Using the mirror neurons of nature, this month will be all about observation and reflection. You’ll be guided to look at different facets of your life and how they’re operating. Remember, nothing in nature consistently grows; we go slow.


One of my favorite sayings is “you can’t put whipped cream on top of shit.” We need to clear everything out to create space for a new foundation. Your foundation will include values work and boundaries and be guided by a heavy emphasis on throwing the middle finger to systems of oppression. This month will be heavily focused on identifying, defining, and implementing your soul values. 


Expansive, out-of-the-box imagination happens in the unconscious. Between being glued to devices and our lives being so devoid of quiet, our creativity is mostly occurring from our conscious brain - which is overthinking, overcomplicating, and trying to do it “right.” 

This month we’ll be diving deeply into unconscious mind coaching, trance work, and guided hypnosis to unlock what your imagination really wants to say.


Did you know you have three brains? There's your brain brain, your heart, and your gut. While cognitive information is incredibly useful, it'a also missing so much nuance and depth. This month will be spent heavily focused on embodiment practices and learning how to take cognitive information and embed it at the level of the heart. You'll have a deep connection to your intuition, gut feelings, and tools to always access all three brains.


You have liberated yourself from all the bullshit imposed on you. And now you get to do whatever you desire. Want to do nothing? Want to start a new venture? Want to have your first, second, or fifth child? Want to move abroad? You'll have the structures, tools, knowledge, embodiment and skillset to begin creating what you *actually* want. I can't wait to see you fly.

The Full Playground Experience

+ 5-month soulful journey from June to November 

+ Virtual kick-off on Saturday, June 3 (a delicious full moon)

+ Weekly play dates on Thursdays from June 8 to October 26

+ Three additional one-on-one coaching calls throughout the program to dive in on your personal needs and desires

+ Expert guest speakers to enhance our monthly themes

+ In-person retreat November 3-5 in Boise

+ A curated welcome box to support your play, joy, and exploration

+ Online portal with unlimited access to content replays and resources

+ Private online group to share, ask, receive, acknowledge, and celebrate

Total Program Value: $16,000

Equity Based Pricing

Three Equitable Price Points with Payment Plans


I’m offering this program on a pay-what-supports-you system. You choose what you pay based on your financial circumstance and class privilege. Keep in mind that you may fit the description of a higher price point yet it’s not currently aligned for you; and that you may fit the description of the mid or lower price point and be able to accommodate a higher tier. Please read each tier carefully and select which one best supports you right now.


$8,888 If you have access to financial security, own property, or have personal savings; if you are able to pay for "wants" and spend little time worrying about securing necessities in your life; if you’re able to borrow money or secure a loan easily; if you have economic privilege and power in your community, this price is for you. By choosing this price, you are “paying it forward” and supporting course access to those with less. 

$5,555 You may be paying off debt or working to build savings, but still have access to steady income. You do NOT spend most of your time thinking about how to secure basic needs such as housing, food, medical care, child care, etc. Making this investment might mean you have to cut back on some discretionary spending and make short term sacrifices (meals out, travel, new clothing), but there is no long-term impact. 

$3,333 You have access to all basic needs; you are able to put money away each month to save up for the program but the middle tier price would mean you have to save for longer than 12 months. This price point may also support those of you with less-than-favorable exchange rates for your currency.

Anything done, thought, or felt with repetition creates a roadmap for a habituated pattern.


What does course access look like? All calls are recorded and will be uploaded to the learning platform by 2pm the following day. You have lifetime access to this course and all of its bonuses.

Do you offer refunds? This course and its creation is an enormous cognitive, energetic, and financial output. All payments are nonrefundable, please register confidently. Extenuating circumstances will be considered on an individual basis.

What is the time commitment? Each week we will have a 75-90 minute call which you can attend live or listen to on your own time. I'm a believer in you knowing your capacity and just how much you have space for in the moment. My intention is that the lessons and tools from this course will continue to unfold for years to come.


Who is this program NOT for? The Playground is likely not a good fit for you if : 

-You're unwilling to be with the nonlinear, nuance, and complexity

-You're repeating a pattern of signing up for things expecting them to "fix" you

-You're expecting worksheets, bullet points, to do's, and promised outcomes

-You're not ready to be in FULL support of 11 other playmates through conversation and action

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