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8 Weeks of Wellness Integration

I created this program in 2020 as a way for women to come home to themselves. To have a space where we could process, declare, and reclaim what's ours. Together, we created the most beautiful sisterhood and potent completion of a difficult year. It is now a staple program.

Week 1: Dismantling Limiting Beliefs

Week 2: Soul Values

Week 3: Boundaries

Week 4: Rituals

Week 5: Reclaiming Wellness

Week 6: Completion

Week 7: Affirmations + Manifestation

Week 8: Structures for Fulfillment 


Master + Refine Your Communication

Communication is a vital part of our day-to-day life. Whether it's with our partners, children, colleagues, clients, or friends, having the tools to speak clearly, candidly, compassionately, and confidently WILL change your life. In this course, we will address:
- establishing your values and commitments
- creating boundaries that work
- navigating breakdowns
- making requests
- acknowledgements
- withholding
-partnership and creation

This course includes:
- 4 live, interactive video sessions
- weekly newsletters with journal prompts, activities, and worksheets
- lifetime access with all future updates

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