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Zero to Launch

Why the gold lies in the process.

On New Year's Eve of 2017, I sat in meditation to help me create a vision for the impending year. In just 15 minutes, my mind, body, and soul were flooded with visions, words, ideas, and answers - answers I'd desperately (and impatiently) been waiting for. All it required was a little bit of trust and the willingness to be quiet enough. Minutes later I purchased my domain for this site.

“When we choose to be fascinated by the process, we allow ourselves to unravel organically and in turn, become intrinsically motivated.”

One of the first and key distinctions (or attitudes) we share with all of our trainings is that of process over product. When we choose to be fascinated with the process - all of it - we allow ourselves to unravel organically and, in turn, become intrinsically motivated. This attitude or approach facilitates exponential growth and diminishes the upset when we "fail" to reach or attain a specific product.

The Discoveries Inside of Process

This is the attitude I was committed to in the launch of my personal brand. Was I stoked to be in creative process and prove to myself that I could design my own site? Hell yeah! And what I discovered about myself, my relationships, and business in the process has been invaluable.

I learned to trust the bigger voice, encouraging me toward the uncomfortable.

I unraveled my identity as "yoga teacher" and allowed myself to embrace so many other titles that inspire me.

I owned my impact. I am gifted and make a real difference in people's lives.

I learned (again) how to ask for help from those who could powerfully provide it.

I remained committed to my word to launch by February 15, rather than attached to it being perfect.

And most importantly, I cultivated a new relationship with myself. One of love, encouragement, realness, and celebration.

My Commitment

Every day we are born again. What we do today matters most.” - The Buddha

The launch of my brand is such a massive celebration and representation of expansion. I'm committed to my vision, to my core values, and to making a difference.

You can expect candid conversations.

I promise to show up as my best Self to all clients and readers.

I commit to using my skills and talents as a forum to create community.

And I am committed to giving back through my work.

So here I am. 33 years human. 7 years yoga teacher. 3 years trainer and leader. Beginner at this new life.

I am ready. I am confident. I am ever grateful.

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