Structures and Integration

Knowing information and implementing it into day-to-day life are two completely different things. As your wellness coach, together we will identify the areas of your wellbeing you want to transform, create a plan and simple structures for implementation. 

Areas of life we may address:

+ relationships

+ rituals and boundaries

+ movement/exercise

+ communication

+ belief patterns and mindset

+ seasonal rhythms and food

Includes three 75-minute video sessions and three 20-minute follow-up calls.

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Education + Accountability

Food freedom looks differently for each of us. I want you to love your meals and the rituals surrounding meals. I want you to focus more on how you eat, and less on what you eat.

Through a thorough intake call, we will identify which path best suits you. You may desire to complete a Whole30 elimination protocol as a baseline, or dive right in with some inquiry and action.

My mindset around food freedom is "addition by subtraction." By eliminating food choices that simply don't serve you, you will enrich and enhance the rest of your life. I draw from my years of experience as an intuitive eater and as a Certified Whole30 Coach.

And as a bonus you'll receive recipes straight from my kitchen to yours.

Six 1:1 phone calls 


Aligning with your values

What would it feel like to be grounded in your values? To have a compass and sounding board to support you in every life choice? This is soulful living.

Soul values are a support system to help you eliminate doubt, hold your vision clearly, and to come back to when you've stepped off course.

I will guide you in identifying your soul values, what they mean, and how to live from them in a simple and effective way.

90 minutes all about you.

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Coming home to yourself

Feel like you need a little bit of everything I offer? Want more time to really dig in and address chronic issues? Let's work together for 3-6 months and go all in!

This offering is for the woman who:

+ has done inner work and is ready for the next level of transformation

+ sees and understands the value of working on herself wholly 

+ knows her worth and is ready to invest 

+ thrives on accountability

+ is ready to get out of her own way, do the work, and experience results

Each month we connect 1:1 for two 75-minute coaching calls and 20-minute checkins in between. Together we make a sustainable plan that is personalized and works for YOU, all while making some magic happen. I am your biggest cheerleader and well of resources.