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Coming home to yourself

My highest vibe offering for the woman ready to rock and roll. We go all in for 3-6 months and create a sustainable plan and results that YOU desire.

This offering is for the woman who:

+ has done inner work and is ready for the next level of transformation

+ sees and understands the value of working on herself wholly 

+ knows her worth and is ready to invest 

+ thrives on accountability

+ is ready to get out of her own way, do the work, and experience results

Each month we connect 1:1 for two 75-minute coaching calls and 20-minute checkins in between. Together we make a sustainable plan that is personalized and works for YOU, all while making some magic happen. I am your biggest cheerleader and well of resources.


8 Weeks of Wellness Integration to Reclaim Your Most Powerful Self

How do soulful, invigorating, simple, and long-lasting wellness practices to fully reclaim YOU and your badass self sound? 

This group coaching program weaves together radical self care, personal leadership, sisterhood, and play to take you from stuck to thriving in your day-to-day.

Each week I guide you through personalized content, asking bold questions, and holding sacred space. The bonus? You'll learn just as much, if not more, from the other women as you do from the content.

"If you're seeking to come home to yourself surrounded and uplifted by beautiful, intelligent, and thoughtful women, Reclaiming You is just what you're looking for. Cristina cultivates a safe space and encourages each woman to shine her brightest; her program is the perfect combination of challenging introspection and nourishment for the soul." - Fallon D.

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Transform Your Communication

Communication is a vital part of our day-to-day life. Whether it's with our partners, children, colleagues, clients, or friends, having the tools to speak clearly, candidly, compassionately, and confidently WILL change your life. In this course, we will address:
- establishing your values and commitments
- creating boundaries that work
- navigating breakdowns
- making requests
- acknowledgements
- withholding
-partnership and creation

This course includes:
- 4 live, interactive video sessions
- weekly newsletters with journal prompts, activities, and worksheets
- lifetime access with all future updates

Next Course Opening in August 2021!


Aligning with your values

What would it feel like to be grounded in your values? To have a compass and sounding board to support you in every life choice? This is soulful living.

Soul values are a support system to help you eliminate doubt, hold your vision clearly, and to come back to when you've stepped off course.

I will guide you in identifying your soul values, what they mean, and how to live from them in a simple and effective way.

90 minutes all about you.