"Cristina is a transformational human being whose superpower is to help others find their power." - Mor, multiple program alumni

I believe that when we're playing a game bigger than we know how to win, we need a coach by our side to guide the way.

I coach because having reliable sources who listen to me as my best, no matter what circumstance, have been one of the greatest gifts in my life. 

I coach from my own experiences, and I coach from what I've learned through studying with my teachers and inspirations like  Ana Forrest, the Landmark Curriculum, and my own 10+ years of studying yoga + mindfulness. 

Most importantly, I walk my talk. I live this work day in and day out. I fail and learn and grow, too. I've used this work to create a thriving marriage, a move across the country, and two businesses that fill me up. 

I believe in vulnerability as power. And I believe it's all a process. Let's go there, together.

Solo session


Tune up & go. 90 mins.

You're an experienced goal-getter and have one specific goal or area of your life you need a boost in.


  • We define your core values and how they live inside your goal.

  • Get clear on your WHY.

  • Together, we create a clear action plan to help you fulfill on your goal!

3-Pack Call Series


Three 75-min sessions.

Clarity. Action. Accountability.

You are clear on your WHY and now it's time to act. You might be limited by thoughts, beliefs, and ideals. 

  • We distinguish your core values and how you're living them.

  • We lean in and discover your blindspots - what's really in the way of you taking action.

  • Structures + accountability for your action plan!

  • Bi-weekly or monthly calls.

6-Pack Call Series


Six 75-min sessions.

Connection. Self-realization. Celebration.


Perfect for the new goal-setter to navigate the world of vision + goals AND/OR for the experienced one for some serious accountability and direction.

  • Clarify the vision which is pulling you into action.

  • Declare your WIGs (Wildly Important Goals).

  • Gain insight into your potential & mastery.

  • Together, we craft a plan to fulfill       on it all.

  • Bi-weekly or monthly calls. 

"Cris cares deeply and has the power to see and speak powerfully to the possibility within. Her insights and courage will show you how to create your life as a choice. Her tenacity and tenderness help me be with and transform my own challenges." - Sarah G., Non-profit director, yoga teacher & trainer, mother

Important for you to know...

Working with me requires you to be all in - willing and coachable. Our time is our most coveted resource, and I'm committed to you getting the absolute most out of our time together. 

When you choose to work with me, we will do a thorough intake call and survey to ensure we are both set up for success.


People often ask "What will our time together look like? What can I expect to get out of this?" My answer is simple - what you give is what you get. I have worked with my own coaches over the years to hone my craft. My mastery in listening for the unspoken, asking pointed questions, and only talking to you as your biggest self is what makes my coaching invaluable. You will walk away with tremendous clarity, and long-lasting and life-altering tools to carry with you. 

All payments must be received before our first session. Scheduling and rescheduling are flexible. No refunds.


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