I created this signature course at the end of of 2020 as a way to reclaim my life. The tumultuous, challenging year left me uninspired, resigned, and disconnected from everything I cared for. I knew that if I, someone with an unlimited supply of tools, felt this way that other women must to. 

Designing and leading this program brought me home to myself in ways I could have never dreamed of. Cultivating trust, sisterhood, and accountability during such a difficult time catapulted each of us  into 2021 rooted in our values, confident in our boundaries, and so in love with ourselves. 

"If you're seeking to come home to yourself surrounded and uplifted by beautiful, intelligent, and thoughtful women, Reclaiming You is just what you're looking for. Cristina cultivates a safe space and encourages each woman to shine her brightest; her program is the perfect combination of challenging introspection and nourishment for the soul." - Fallon



Week 1: Dismantling stories and limiting beliefs
Week 2: Soul Values
Week 3: Boundaries
Week 4: Rituals
Week 5: Reclaiming Wellness
Week 6: Completion + the Power of Word
Week 7: Affirmations + Manifestation
Week 8: Structures for Your Year

Live ZOOM sessions take place on Mondays at 5:30pm MST (recordings sent out the next morning).

You'll receive journal prompts, accountability, wellness practices, recipes, coaching, and more. 

"Cristina’s leadership is dynamic, compassionate, fun, and inspiring. Reclaiming You was so thoughtfully planned to create major shifts for the participants - Which it most certainly did for me.  I reclaimed my relationship with my mom and the relationship with myself. Towards the end of 2020 I really felt like I lost myself in the time warp of 2020. Through this program I got to reclaim what was mine, end the shit show of a year strong, and continue this momentum into 2021. You’re the most valuable asset in your life. If you’re waiting for a sign, this is it. Do the thing. Invest in yourself. Reclaim what is already yours. You won’t regret it."