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I live for radical connection and transformation.

After a (very) short stint in corporate America as a wellness professional, I started to design a life I could be in love with. I received numerous yoga and leadership certifications and got to travel across the country and world to lead and train a wide variety of individuals and groups.
In 2017 I added a defining and important component to my life - food and nutrition. I embarked on a 2-year healing journey to heal my gut, eliminate my fatigue, and in the process became a Certified Whole30 Coach! 
Last year my husband and I moved to the foothills of Boise with our beloved pup to align with our #1 value of nature. It's been the best year.
I am so proud of everything I've gotten to do and share - and it feels like this moment is so pivotal - everything I know I'm passionate about and great at are finally integrating into one whole and complete thing...ME! 
I'm so thrilled you're here and I hope I get to be of contribution to your life.


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